Cake-Off4Kids Fresno 2019 Baker Registration

Welcome to baker registration for the Cake-Off4Kids Fresno 2019!

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Cake-Off4Kids Fresno 2019 is open to any individual who is an amateur baker, including culinary school students and bakery employees. We are excited to have you enter this event and can guarantee you’ll have fun! Once you've registered, be sure to invite all of your friends to attend the event.


Please note that category selection is first-come, first-served

  • BEST DECORATED: Pull out all the stops to create a delicious cake with a unique, eye-catching cake design featuring your best decorating techniques and talent

  • BEST TASTING: Make our taste buds dance with the most scrumptious cake you can make

  • MADE BY KIDS (ages 10-16 years old): In this category, you may bake any cake you like


Judging will take place prior to the general public’s entry into the venue. In general, all cakes (regardless of category) will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Flavor (aroma, taste, good balance of flavors)

  • Texture (moist and tender, not soggy or dry)

  • Inside characteristics (even grain, evenly baked)

  • Outside characteristics (structure, consistent shape/size/surface, overall appeal)

  • Frosting (taste, texture, even color, neatness of application)

In addition, some categories will be assessed by additional criteria, as follows:

  • BEST DECORATED category entries will be judged first on appearance (quality of workmanship, design, quality of decorations, colors, difficulty of techniques), then by the characteristics noted above

  • The FAN FAVORITE winner will be chosen from all entries prior to the end of the event, after the attendees' ballots have been counted. There will be a single FAN FAVORITE winner who will be awarded a grand prize



  • Cake-Off4Kids Fresno 2019 is open to any individual who is an amateur baker, including culinary school students and bakery employees

    • Professional bakers, those who are able to sell their cakes, have a home-based baking business, or have a commercial kitchen or bakery, are not eligible to enter the Cake-Off contest

  • Bakers may only register for one cake entry

  • Individual bakers only -- no teams please

  • Preparation, baking, and decorating must be done by the entrant

Cake Requirements:

  • Bakers must provide one cake on the day of the Cake-Off

    • Bakers have the option to make a small second cake, specifically to cut for the judges. This cake must be identical to the main cake entry in cake and frosting flavor.

  • Cakes must be no smaller than the equivalent of a 2-layer 8” round cake and no larger than a full sheet cake (18x24”)

    • Cake serving platforms should not exceed 24x36”

  • All cakes, frostings, and decorations must be homemade from scratch. No mixes are allowed

  • All ingredients must be edible, including cake and frosting

  • Decorations and special effects must be edible and visible

    • Structural supports do not need to be edible (dowels, etc.)

    • To avoid choking hazard, please do not embed hard items like candy inside the cake

Servings Requirements:

  • All bakers are responsible for cutting and serving their cake

  • Bakers will need to provide:

    • 3 pieces of cake for judging, and

    • Approximately 50 bite-sized sample pieces for attendees

Event Regulations:

  • Bakers must remain at their assigned station at all times during the judging period and throughout the contest to cut and serve their cake

  • Bakers must bring their own serving tray and serving utensils (knife, cake server, etc.)

    • Cake4Kids will provide cupcake liners for serving samples

  • Bakers must remove all items from their display / serving area at the end of the event


In each of the 3 contest categories, judges will award:

One Grand Prize: $100

One overall Cake-Off Fan Favorite will be awarded a:

Grand Prize: $100

Baker Registration is $15

If you have questions about the Cake-Off4Kids Fresno 2019, please email us at and include “Cake-Off4Kids Fresno 2019” in the subject line

Deadline to register is May 31, 2019
Entry fees are not refundable and non-transferable

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